1.Peanuts in shell
2.Peanut kernels
3.Blanched peanut kernels
4.Roasted and salted peanut kernels
  Product Name :Roasted and Salted Peanut kernels
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1.)Specifications: a) Moisture 2-3% , good taste  b) Aflatoxin: B1< 2ppb, B1+B2+G1+G2< 4ppb 
 2.)Packing: a) 150g x  48 tin/carton,   1200cartons per 20‘ container.   b) 185g x  48 tin/carton,   1050cartons per 20‘ container.                     c) 227g x  48 tin/carton,   840cartons per 20‘ container                     d) 12.5kg x  2/carton, 616cartons per 20‘ container.                     e) 25 kg /new p.p woven bag, vacuum packed. 740bags per 20‘ container.
                    f) 50g x  180 bag/carton,   1120cartons per 20‘ container
                    g) 100g x  100 bag/carton,   1010cartons per 20‘ container
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